Puppy Training, behaviour modification, experience and exposure to the world are all essential to your dog’s development, ability and confidence to exist and live in human society and the community.

The earlier you start training your dog, the better.

For puppies, early introduction and positive experiences to everything your puppy will be exposed to in the world, during its critical period, are essential for a well adjusted and confident dog later in life.

Bad behaviours can creep in when you stop training and teaching your dog.

Ongoing training and socialisation are essential to maintaining skill levels and desired behaviours throughout your dog’s life.

Act on fixing the problem early.

The longer that undesirable behaviours are ignored, the more they can escalate and become harder to modify or correct later.

Teach your dog everyday and train your dog on a regular basis to promote and maintain desirable behaviours.


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There is a lot more invloved in dog training, but here are a few tips and basic principles to help as a guide.

  • Dogs learn from experiences very quickly – Be careful what you teach
  • Bond and trust goes a long way – Your leadership eases stress on your dog
  • Motivation is a key to training your dog – More positive than negative experiences
  • Always be in a position to act – Only give a command if you can enforce it
  • Timing is everything – You get what you reward for
  • Catch your dog before the unwanted behaviour – Reward your dog upon the desired behaviour
  • Be consistent in your training – Be consistent in the boundaries you set for your dog
  • Nothing in life is free – Reduce the freebies you give your dog to increase their value during training (pats, treats, toys)

Your dog is your responsibility for the life of your dog.

There is always a solution to your dog’s issues, so don’t give up and don’t get frustrated.

Give your dog the best life you can, because they will repay you 10-fold.

Good luck and always enjoy your training.