Agile Dogs obedience training Perth is currently conducted at the below location.


Claremont Park, Claremont 6010

Saturday Classes
White Collar (Puppies) 7.30am – 8.25am 8 weeks – 20 weeks $25 per session
Blue Collar (Basic) 8.30am – 9.25am 20 weeks and over $25 per session
Navy Collar (Control) 9.30am – 10.25am Passed Blue Collar $20 per session
Black Collar (Advanced) 10.30am -11.25am Passed Navy Collar $15 per session
Behavioural Class TBC Reactive/Aggressive  $30 per session



Agile Dogs also offer in-home consultations and dog walking services throughout other Perth suburbs, but for group obedience training Perth classes are conducted at the above location.