Group Obedience Classes

Dog Group Obedience classes in Claremont include puppies, basic, control and advanced classes, depending on the age and skill level of your dog.

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Group Classes are back, up and running again - Online Dog Training is also still available - Please Contact Us for more details


Agile Dogs offers group obedience classes in the following locations:


Claremont - Claremont Park


White Collar (Puppies) 7.30am - 8.25am 8 weeks - 20 weeks $25 per session
Blue Collar (Basic) 7.30am - 8.25am 20 weeks and over $25 per session
Navy Collar (Control) 1 8.30am - 9.25am Passed Blue Collar $20 per session
Navy Collar (Control) 2 9.30am - 10.25am Passed Blue Collar $20 per session
Black Collar (Advanced) 10.30am -11.25am Passed Navy Collar $15 per session
Behavioural Class TBC Reactive/Aggressive  $30 per session


See below for Certificates, level requirements and class content.

Classes are run week to week so members may come and go as they please. Payment is via cash on the day. All puppies and new dogs must provide proof of vaccination prior to commencing their training. See Rules & Regulations for more obedience training information.

NOTE: Obedience classes will not be held on days when the forecast temperature is over 30 degrees C, for dog comfort and safety.


Puppies At Home


White Collar - Puppies

Age: 8-20 weeks
Social Walking, Sit, Stand, Intro to Drop, Recall, Focus, Socialisation & Behavioural

Puppies Brochure

Blue Collar - Basic

Age: 20+ weeks
Social Walking, Sit, Stand, Drop, Recall, Return to Heel, Heeling, Focus, Socialisation & Behavioural

Basic Brochure

Navy Collar - Control

Passed Basic level
Sit, Stand & Drop 360 degrees, Recall & Return to Heel Distance, Heeling Patterns, Sit Stay & Drop Stay, Drop on the Move, Hand Signals, Food Refusal

Control Brochure

Black Collar - Advanced

Passed Control level
Sit, Stand & Drop Distance, Recall & Return to Heel Distance, Off Lead Heeling & Right Heel, Sit Stay, Drop Stay & Stand Stay, Drop on the Move from Recall, Hand Signals, Increased Distance, Duration & Distraction

Advanced Brochure