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Dog Trainer Perth

Agile Dogs is owned and run by dog trainer, Dave Metcalf.

Services include in-home consultations, group obedience classes, dog walking, dog minding, complex skills and agility training.

Agile Dogs is focused on community awareness and promoting responsible dog ownership through experienced and professional advice on training and handling techniques, behavioural issues, equipment use, diet and all facets of your dog’s life.

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“I have a great passion for training and teaching dog owners to achieve the most out of the life and bond with their dogs, just as much as I have a passion for training dogs themselves.

The greatest reward in training is seeing a dog and their owner grow in confidence and the ability to cope with the challenges and obstacles of a dog’s life.

We encourage feedback from all our clients, as we endeavour to provide you and your dog the best training and service available to ensure that you achieve the most out of each session and progress to the next level.
dog behaviourist perth

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Dave Metcalf, Dog Training Perth

Certificate III Dog Behaviour & Training – NDTF (National Dog Trainers Federation)

dog behaviourist perth

• Over 10 years experience as a dog trainer and obedience instructor

• Over 10 years experience in behaviour modification and private training

• Over 10 years experience in business management and client service

• Responsible dog owner for over 20 years

• Accredited for dog training Perth

• APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia Inc) Member

I have worked with, and been taught by, some of the best people, that I have not only been privileged to meet, but are also some of the best trainers and dog behaviourist in the Australian dog training industry.

I am grateful for all the knowledge and skills given from all those who have mentored me over the years – from NDTF, ADT (Australian Dog Training), Animal Actors and individual dog experts.

Call 0448 153 316 for specialist assistance by Dave Metcalf, dog trainer Perth.