In Home Consultations

Dog training specialist, Dave Metcalf, is available for in-home dog behaviour consultations and private training across the Perth Metro area.

In-home consultations & private dog training provides personalised training, specific to your needs and the individual needs of your dog. For professional advice and training for all dog behaviour issues or to get ahead of the class in obedience skills or clicker training, we come to you, servicing the Perth metropolitan area.

From puppy training to adult dog behavioural issues, including:

Over Excitement
Anxiety & Separation Anxiety
Timidity & Low Confidence
Toilet training
Teething, Mouthing, Biting

Good Leadership, Independence and Socialisation are the keys to a creating a solid and secure dog and lead to the end goal of creating a Confident dog in all aspects of our dog’s life.

Behavioural Consultations – $180 for a 1 hour consult
Private Obedience Training – $120 for a 1 hour session
Private Clicker Training – $120 for a 1 hour session

Behavioural consultations usually only require 1 or 2 sessions to address issues and promote desirable behaviours in the future. More sessions may be required for more complex issues such as aggression.

* Online Behavioural and Private training also now available.

We also offer Group Obedience Classes to continue your dog’s training and for additional socialisation.


We offer a free, 15 minute follow up session to check on you and your dog’s progress, when you book in for 2 full (1 hour) behavioural consultations.

NOTE: Services to locations outside the Perth Metro area may incur extra charges for travel time.