Agility Training

Agility training is available to all dogs and owners no matter what skill level or agility experience and provides you with a great alternative to just throwing the ball in the park.

Agility training releases built up mental and physical energy, as well as building confidence and improving strength, coordination and fitness in your dog. Used in conjunction with obedience and behavioural training, agility can also improve behavioural issues and improve socialisation skills.

Dog Training Perth

Blue Run (Beginner) time tbc Puppies & older dogs cost tbc
Navy Run (Intermediate) time tbc Small & semi-experienced cost tbc
Black Run (Competition) time tbc Advanced & confident dogs cost tbc

NOTE: Training will not be held on days when the forecast temperature is over 30 degrees C or when ground conditions are wet. 

Agility Courses are available for Events and Hire. Enquire here

Barkly Barks Dog Festival

Yavnah College Festival

Fur Run 2018

Fur Run 2019


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