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Agile Dogs dog training Perth and Claremont provides services and advice for all breeds, all ages and all skill and behaviour levels. We deliver a professional and friendly service through flexible training methods to suit the individual needs of you and your dog.

Group Obedience Classes

Obedience Classes are available to all breeds, of all ages (from 8 weeks), at all skill levels and cover obedience, socialisation, as well as addressing behavioural issues.

Behaviour Consultations & Private Training

We can assist with all types of behavioural issues, including anxiety, reactivity, barking, aggression, destructiveness, jumping, biting and more

Puppy School

Early introduction and positive experiences to everything your puppy will ultimately be exposed to are essential for a well-adjusted and confident dog later in life.

Agility & Skills Training

Agility releases built up mental and physical energy, as well as building confidence and improving strength, coordination and fitness in your dog. Agility is for ALL dogs.

Dog Walking

Continue the professional, experienced and qualified care of your dog with our ongoing dog walking service. Suitable for young or adult dogs. Ideal for additional socialisation.

Dog Minding

Based in South Perth, dog minding is available during the day when you are at work, or overnight for when you go on holidays. Training can be done as an optional extra during your dog's stay.

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